Unifire Fire Shows and Packages

On this page you will find Unifire Theater's fire performance packages. You can also get ideas to "choose your own adventure", so to speak. Get in touch with us today to book one of our packages or to discuss your ideas for a fire performance. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the best fire show for your money. Our motto is "there is no show too big or too small". Bottom-line, we will bring to you a real fire show.

Choreographed Fire Performances

Choreographed group fire shows will set your event alight. World class fire performance.
Unifire has a strong background in choreography, we incorporate dance, traditional fire techniques, and unique music to thrill and inspire your crowds.

Choreographed Performances

Performances with heavy choreography are our specialty! Unifire has been doing fifteen minute to half hour shows for over ten years in Asheville, North Carolina, and we represent the best of the culmination of theater training, dance choreography, fire arts technical skill, and our favorite stage presence. You will not be able to find another group that can engage your crowd while safely staying present with the dangerous element we all love: fire.

Choreographed performances require a minimum of two performers (and a safety specialist). The larger the event the bigger the fire you are going to want; for full shows Unifire creates fifteen minute to half hour choreographed performances that are fresh every season, you'll never see the same show twice.

Wedding & Event Fire Shows

We have wedding themed fire shows and we often combine them with Vignette or walk-about solo fire performances.
The passion of the flame burns for every couple and we manifest this as a once in a lifetime moment you and your guests won't soon forget.

Your wedding day should be the most (or one of the most) memorable and spectacular days of your life. What would be a better way to amaze your family and friends than with your own personal fire performance. Your guests might not remember what the cake tasted like, or the evenings toast, but a fire show will burn into their minds the essence of your special day forever! No more stress over entertainment for the evening, let us light up your wedding night!

Tailored to your vision for the special day Wedding Performances can be walkabout, delicate fire as background art, or main event show.

Walkabout Performance & Entertainment

Walkabout performances keep your clients engaged and dazzle the senses with charismatic fire art.
Fire entertainers mix and mingle with your guests, providing a spark of glamour and fun to your party or function.

Solo Fire Shows

Solo fire shows can bring the focus of your event to a climax or ignite the evening for your event.
With just one performer we can hold your crowd in rapturous amazement putting your event on the top of their list for years to come.

Regard this type of show as an affordable option without cutting out the class.

Commercial Photography & Film

Unifire brings the highest class of imagery to any type of film or photography project. Fire dazzles every audience and intrigues every viewer.
The film and photography business is no stranger to Unifire. We have been able to participate in professional opportunities for music videos, photo shoots, and artistic photography scenes.

LED, Light Shows, and Non-Fire