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For over a decade, Unifire Theater has been performing to amazed and enthralled audiences all over the Southeast. Combining the elements of fire, dance, and theater Unifire brings a show that must be seen to be believed. Utilizing all the traditional fire tools, Unifire seeks to preserve the fire arts as well as bring a show that is unique as it is beautiful and entertaining. They will have your audience on the edge of their seats as the spin, breathe, eat, jump, balance and manipulate fire while remaining completely unscathed. With an impeccable safety record, Unifire Theater literally wrote the book on fire safety performance set the standards for fire safety used worldwide.

Client Recommendations

As bar owners in Asheville, we had the honor of working with Unifire Theater for our grand opening party. They were not only extremely professional and the most talented fire spinners we have ever seen, but had the best attitude and personalities in the business. We would recommend Unifire to anyone seeking talented, creative and skilled performers for any event! Tamy Kuper & Amy Marshall owners of The Odditorium
Unifire theater is undeniably one of the best fire performing groups I have ever come across. A deep roster of performers, costumes and props with skills and professionalism to match, their work is rock solid. Make sure to check them out in my music video for Hatebreed's "Put It To The Torch" which is now hitting around 700,000 views. Justin Reich of The Antimatter Studio


Early history

Unifire Theater began in 2002 as an all female troupe in Asheville, NC, formed by a group of dancers that sought to bring something new to the Asheville performance scene. Calling themselves Transform Venus, they began to study the traditional fire arts and honed their costuming skills. In 2003, they added male performers to their lineup which brought a whole new element to the show. They subsequently changed the name to Djinntana and began to perform to enthusiastic audiences with a show unlike any seen before. By 2005, Djinntana was performing at large festivals, weddings, cooperate parties and many other venues and decided to change the name to better reflect the troupe and the new directions it was headed in. After much debate the name Unifire was chosen. By this time, the troupe began to bring in the element of stage and storytelling to the show and it was decided to add the tag Theater to the name to reflect this.


Since that time, Unifire Theater has performed for thousands and thousands of enthralled audiences and is now the longest running performance troupe in Asheville. The accolades continue to pour in as the troupe remains on the cutting edge of fire manipulation, fire costuming and performance.

Current Unifire Roster

Sneaky McFly

ChaBuku A.D. Bakke

Lulu Edmonds

Cody Pettry

Christine Cooper

Grant Baker

Celeste Waid

Nicky Murphy

Ani Oakley

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